About Silver & Sillage

We are a customer-service focused supplier of top quality oil-based fragrances, based in Pretoria, South Africa. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with superior quality fragrances, for both Men and Women.

We boast of our wide range of popular fragrances that are expertly created using only the finest quality fragrant oils imported from France, as well as other reputable fragrance houses in Europe.

Our Eau de Parfum strength is attributed to our mix of 20-25% pure perfume oil, unlike other perfume manufacturers who use the weaker Eau de Toilette strength of 15-20% pure perfume oil. That’s why our perfumes are known to linger all day.

Silver & Sillage’s fragrances are generic and inspired by the most famous designer scents of today. We have more than 200 authentic designer perfumes from across the World, and our catalogue continues to expand regularly.

Our superior quality products and low prices price together with our excellent customer service has created a demand for distribution throughout South Africa.


The Importance of Choosing the Right Fragrance

Perfume might be invisible to the naked eye, but it finishes off your outfit unlike anything else! In fact, it can be the most important accessory you wear. In fact, research proves smell is closely related to memory, and can literally cause your fragrance to leave a lasting impression when you need it most.

That’s why we, at Silver and Sillage, have chosen to create generic fragrances of some of the best-selling brand perfumes available, so that regardless of your income bracket, you can add a beautiful fragrance to your attire every day of the week.

Enjoy browsing our website… and more importantly, happy shopping!

Silver & Sillage Team


Why Silver & Sillage?

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At Silver & Sillage HQ, we offer anyone the opportunity to earn extra money by selling fragrances at their own leisure. We offer an attractive commission per bottle structure, and we are looking for agents throughout South Africa.

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